P I O N E E R 7

Artwork By Joe Tucciarone, Cocoa Fl

Pioneer 7 represents the first professional recording by David Sweet. Most of this album was initially recorded into a Roland MIDI micro-composer. Later, raw data was dumped into Steinberg's Cubase on a customized Atari music computer, assigned instruments, and mixed down with only 2-3 analog tracks for special effects and non-MIDI compatable synths. Mixing and mastering were done at Neo Sync Labs by Bob Damiano. The end result is a very clean, high quality product. Later, the CD was remastered using a Berringer Mastering Unit at Random Bullet Studios.

..."Sweet incorporates enough electronic mind expansion and even a bit of outright freakiness that would appeal to readers of this magazine...."
Jerry Kranitz, Aural Innovations


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This Album Was Produced In Cooperation with Random Bullet Records.

Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered by Bob Damiano At Neo Sync Labs.
Engineered By David Sweet & Bob Damiano
Re-Mastering By David Sweet & Bill MacKechnie
All Synthesizers Programmed By David Sweet
All Tracks Composed/Performed By David Sweet
Copyright © 1991-2004 David Sweet